Fui a la presentación del libro de Veronica Strauss hace una semana !!
Me sorprendío la gran cantidad de gente que asistió !
Yo había leído el libro unos días atrás y me pareció muy profundo!
Veronica empezó con la lectura del libro y se sintió una magia increíble en cada una de sus palabras , fue como si tomara otra dimensión y nos transportábamos con cada poema, una experiencia maravillosa.
Espero ansiosa a que salga el próximo libro para leerlo.
Gracias Veronica !!

Viviana Faerman


A very deep collection of poems. Each is different and causes one to reflect on one’s own existence and Life’s experiences through a metaphysical looking glass. This work was not meant to be the classic rhyming poem, sonnet or other usual form of this genre of literature. I feel honored that the author used one of my photos for the cover of her book.

Ken M. Hirsch


I have been blessed to know Veronica for 25 years.  Throughout the years, I have been the beneficiary of her wonderful words about life and love and all the various experiences that we humans experience.  All these beautiful words came from her huge heart.  She so eloquently captured them onto paper for all to benefit.  Read it from the beginning to end or pick out a page and you will find out how much her words touch your heart and help you realize yourself at whatever stage of life you inhabit at the time.  This book should be on everyone’s shelf.

Cheryl N  ASA Bellisima


Wow! (That’s the best I can say because I can’t think of any word to summarize my feelings.) In a way, your book is a bit embarrassing to read. Don’t get me wrong – I couldn’t put it down. Maybe that’s the voyeur in me. You undressed your soul. It was naked in front of me. A very beautiful and sensitive soul. I wanted to read more.

Thank you for writing it, and telling me about it. It certainly had an impact with me as I have had similar feelings throughout my life.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

All the best.



A very spiritual and beautifully articulated journey of the writer’s life cycle events.  Her love of life, nature, the ocean and her beloved yoga are well defined in her various poems and dedications.

This book was a gift for me and would make a lovely gift for someone as well.

Madeleine Solomon


Reading Poems from my Heart was truly an inspirational experience. I enjoyed it so much that I read it again!! It truly changed my outlook on life. There are bumps in the road but the author states that we need to stop and smell the roses and the glass is half full. It’s great to be alive and see the worlds beauty!! The poetry was written so beautifully!!,

Barbara Lustig


Dear Veronica,

Loved reading your beautiful new book “Poems from My Heart.”

You have a very special gift of expression, which creates images through words. I enjoyed how your distinct style of writing poems. It communicated touching, inspiring and moving life lessons that allowed the reader to get a glimpse of life through your eyes as well as to reflect on our own personal experiences.

Wishing you the very best with your new book, and hopefully many more to come.

Leslie L.


Veronica’s Poems were words of sweet visuals of her journeys.  Her poems speak of the many phases we share in our lives.  We were transported to her peaceful imagery of the elements here on earth and beyond.  Her lovely poems are directed to us in identifying and showing us our common joys and fears.



I hope you are well and enjoying the accolades from all of us who attended your house to hear you read your wonderful and touching poetry.   Your readings mesmerized me – your voice, tone, cadence, and the poetry touched me very deeply.   Your passion for life shows in your words.  That is what “art” is all about, so keep up your art!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the words you wrote in the book I purchased!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep writing and enjoying your view of water, may it keep inspiring you.

Marcia Sapoznik


“This is a great poetry book and I can’t recommend it enough! I’ve read it again and again… for comfort…for inspiration… for courage… thank you Veronica for sharing your stories with the world. ”


Poems from My Heart